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QANTEL products and services are developed on the premise that your business will grow successfully — so our uniquely upgradeable products are designed to grow with you. This product strategy protects your investment and delivers the highest level of reliability and value.

Qantel Technologies delivers solutions for:

UNIX/Windows Database Management
Qantel's QICWARE system integrates industry standard databases and development tools and combines them with the QANTEL application environment to provide a powerful database management suite for open architecture systems.

Business Software Solutions
Qantel delivers proven, business-enhancing information solutions for manufacturing, hospitality and leisure, distribution and logistics, industrial paper and sanitary supply, and more.

Network Connectivity Solutions
In today's wired business world, your computing needs may extend beyond the walls of your offices. Our network connectivity solutions turn your off-site locations into remote offices.

At Qantel innovation is a continuous process.


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